Hari Bhakta Sharma
Executive Director
Executive Director's Message

Ever since its foundation in January 1991, Deurali-Janta has striven to be a “Knowledge Based and Technology Driven Pharmaceutical Company”. Our mission has been to nurture the very precious and fragile human life itself, with a vision of leading our country towards healthcare independence in the long term. Such mighty goals have percolated into every avenue at Deurali-Janta, guiding us towards kaizen, a continuous improvement of our capabilities and standards. The ethos of the company has imbibed a deep appreciation for manufacturing quality products into our DNA, and propelled us towards our legacy of being at the very forefront of the industry both domestically and regionally.

The company started operations in 1991 with generic products in the segments of antipyretics, antibiotics and vitamins and has continued to expand its offerings ever since. Presently Deurali-Janta produces over 250 products in multiple forms including tablets, capsules, ointments, dry powders and liquid dosages/forms. The produc

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With a vision of “nothing is more precious than our health”, Deurali-Janta was established to protect and improve this precious treasure of human beings. Since its commencement of operations in the year 1991, Deurali-Janta has grown rapidly to become one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Nepal. After 29 years of excellence & relentless dedication in the service of the nation & its people, Deurali-Janta has become a name synonymous with quality and is proud to have been able to establish itself as a pioneer in the production of quality drugs having better corporate standards in the Nepalese Market. The company is always committed to constant development and improvement, resulting in providing better service to its customers, a fundamental assurance on which Deurali-Janta’s reputation is built. Company is being managed by professionally competent people, qualified in their respective fields, at various departments, having the required technical and professional skills. The overall management of the organization is headed by the Executive Director, having experience of successfully managing the enterprise for around 3 decade.


Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals was established in Kathmandu by Mr. Hari Bhakta Sharma, Executive Director of the company, in 1988. Its corporate office is based in Budhanilkantha Sadak, Bansabari-03, Kathmandu. DJPL started with a few over-the-counter products and antibiotics for minor ailments. To make the Nation less reliant on other countries for essential drugs and with the recommendation of top medical practitioners, in Sep. 2005 AD, a new division was established named “SUSWASTHYA”, as an ex....

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• To prosper along with its countrymen (by serving for their     better health standard) with more specialized products.

• To foster creativity and innovation among its employees       through better knowledge & skills.

• To preserve the environment by implementing                     Environment Management System (EMS).

• To contribute to the industrial & technological                       development of the Nation.

• To contribute to the development of Nation’s economy.

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To lead pharmaceutical industry towards self-sustenance with quality medicines at affordable prices and to expand market share in domestic and international arena.

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Business Scope

Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals has business operations under following segments of finished pharmaceutical products in systemic & topical (solid, semi-solid and liquid) dosage forms;
• Antidiabetic                                                               
• Antihypertensive
• Anti-hypercholesterolemia                                         
• Antibiotics
• Anti-diarrheal                                                             
• Anti-Ulcerant
• Antacid                                                           ....

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Qualifications & Achievements

2003 – Awarded with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2000 Certification 2004 – Awarded with WHO-GMP Certification

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Deurali-Janta's Journey at Glance
JUN. 23, 1989

Date of Establishment

JAN. 29, 1991

Commencement of Operation

DEC. 1995

Technology Transfer Agreement with RENATA LTD.

DEC. 2003

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 Certification

AUG. 2004

WHO-GMP Certification

SEP. 2005

Inauguration of SUSWASTHYA

JAN. 2011

Inauguration of R&D Centre

AUG 2011

Inauguration of AAROGYAM

JUL. 2013

Inauguration of NIROG

JAN 2016

Inauguration of DIVYAM

JUL 2018

Inauguration of AARAMBHA